C2C - The future standard for intelligent manufacturing

One of the most significant aspects underpinning the ARA chair’s environmental performance is its third party product Cradle to Cradle (C2C) certification. Administered by McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry (MBDC), the C2C certification process is scientifically robust, life cycle oriented, and highly regarding among manufacturers, product designers and corporate sustainability professionals.

The ARA chair’s C2C certification to silver status can provide interior designers, specifiers and end-users with a high degree of confidence in what Orangebox is saying about environmental issues and features. The quality of product documentation and guidance provided by Orangebox is outstanding. Whether it is deep technical data on the ARA chair’s carbon footprint, or the specific impacts associated with each of the manufacturing materials in the chair, Orangebox has the information.

It is the first chair developed and manufactured in Europe to achieve C2C accreditation with detailed attention to eliminating or significantly minimising toxic and hazardous substances. ARA is also designed for disassembly and recycling, and is 98% recyclable while the chair base is 100% recyclable.

Orangebox has delivered a task chair that boasts many environmental features often only found at higher price points. This improved level of customer accessibility to well designed green products has the potential to maximise the environmental benefits associated with ARA.

ARA offers more office workers with higher levels of comfort and wellbeing while also minimising lifecycle environmental impacts.

Retail Price including GST starts at $670.00