T2 Desk

Herman Miller

T2 is a mobile, height-adjustable table with an adventurous personality and a highly intelligent core engine that responds to your needs, and your choices.

In T2, digital technology combines with self-monitoring features and ergonomics to facilitate different postures throughout the day – from sit to stand, and from quiet time to engaging with others – and to quantify how you work, supporting an agile workspace and personal wellbeing.

Clean, clutter-free design is at the heart of T2’s ethos. T2 stands on one central column, giving it a distinctive, streamlined look. Its core engine is tucked neatly out of sight, and each movement is speedy yet discreet. The high-performance actuator and structural beams are seamlessly integrated into the design, all housed in the custom-designed chassis. This way, the undercarriage stays clutter-free. Carefully designed cable reticulation conceals all cords running from the floor to the desk. The only visible cable – which connects the desk to a power point – retracts easily when you step on the foot lever.


Width options: 1200mmW / 1400mmW / 1500mmW / 1600mmH Depth options: 730mmD / 830mmD Height 650mmH - 1250mmH.


SURFACE LAMINATES AVAILABLE: White 91, Folkstone Grey 8Q, Graphite F03, Cherry Blossom F30 or
Pale Turquoise F31.
Maple F04, Lincoin Walnut F05, Wild Cherry F06, Legno Fineline F08, Classic Walnut F09, Spice Maple Wirebrush F14, Couture Wood Naturella F15, Elm F18.
FRAMES/EDGEBAND paint/ accent finish: White 91, Folkstone Gray 8Q, Slate Grey SG, Graphitie G1, Metalic Silver MS, Black BK, Green Apple 79, Turquiose TRQ, Pantone Yellow IE.
BODY PLASTIC: White 91, GraphiteG1.
FOOT MAT: Soft Gray NPET03, Graphite NPET02.

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Available to ACT and regional NSW residents only

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