Designed by Robert Foster

Kimono maintains Robert Foster’s experimental and fresh approach to design and was inspired by a one-off sculptural light that he made in 2002. Kimono works with the playful nature of folding a simple shape in half and utilises the two coloured surfaces to enhance the flipped character of the final form. There is a Japanese aesthetic to the shade, hence the name Kimono. The inside surface has been textured to give it a fire-like appearance and emanate passion, and also references the texture found on handmade Japanese fabrics and rice paper.

Light for the globe illuminates directly below the shade and to the sides while the reflected red enhances the form and juxtaposition between the red and white curved surfaces. This simple design is ideal for restaurants, bars, reception area or even the bedroom


275 l x 230 w x 80 h


Anodised and powder coated aluminium
White powder coating with red annodising, also
available in other customised colours for orders over 10

Lead time

4-6 weeks

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