Soundwave Swell


Designed by Teppo Asikainen

The 'Swell' Soundwave wall and ceiling panelling, a creative and modern design for accoustic purposes. They are well suited to eliminate disturbing reflections of environmental voice sounds, telephones and computer disk drives etc. They can also be used to improve privacy in an open work area such as a modern office space or a restaurant.


585l x 585w x 80d


Swell is recyclable moulded polyester fibre in Off-white, Grey & Anthracite. Swell can also be upholstered in Gabriel Europost fabric - there are lots of colours! Selected colours and finishes available as stock items. Swell Diffuser is made from PET plastic, available in semi-transparent White colour.
The Soundwave series comprise of Luna, Scrunch, Swell and Swell Diffuser. The Swell panels are designed to be used as lightweight sound absorbers in the upper frequency range [500 Hz and above].

Lead time

4-6 weeks, plus another 2 weeks for upholstered tiles.

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Available to ACT and regional NSW residents only

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