FK 86 Classic Edition

Walter Knoll

Designed by Preben Fabricius & Jorgen Kastholm

The FK 86 Lounge Classic Edition armchair is once again reflecting the spirit of the times with its balance of minimalist structure and opulent comfort. The swivelling FK 86 demonstrates its strong character whether on its own, in a group or as a complement to a sofa. Further products of the FK range are the FK bucket chair, the FK executive chair and the armchair FK Lounge.


720w x 850d x 990h / seat height 440


High-grade leather, fine seam patterns and soft down padding gauarantees a relaxed sitting experience. The armrests can optionally be refined and be wrapped with a saddle leather strap.

Environmental considerations

WALTER KNOLL AG & Co. KG has the German Gold mark awarded by Deutsche Gutegemeinschaft Mobel e.V (DGM) and conforms to the RAL GZ 430 - Protection of the environment and health. Product Stewardship - Understanding that our products are manufactured to last a lifetime, Walter Knoll will assist the owner of our assets to dispose of Walter Knoll products in the most environmentally sensitive way at the end of products useful life. That may include the product being returned to the factory and components being recycled.

Lead time

12 - 16 weeks

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