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Louis Poulsen introduces the sculptural Aeros pendant designed by internationally renowned designer Ross Lovegrove. With its exceptional light distribution, Aeros demonstrates a fresh interpretation of Louis Poulsen’s lighting philosophy.

Ross Lovegrove finds a wealth of inspiration in nature. Aeros’ perforated pattern is inspired by the wondrous, organic structures in bone tissue. The wavy embossment characterising the reflector and the top of the fixture is called a Fibonacci pattern, named after an Italian mathematician who lived at the beginning of the 13th century and found the mathematical formula used to describe patterns in nature, e.g. in pine cones and the seed strain of the sunflower.

Aeros is made from anodised aluminium, deep drawn in two parts, with the joint serving to underpin the design. The fixture is designed with a perforated pattern at the rounded side while the upper and lower sides are unperforated. Light emission is mainly directly downwards, but a limited amount of light escapes horizontally through the perforations. A shade made of acrylic Satiné placed in the reflector spreads the light and shields the light source. Acrylic Satiné has very high translucency combined with fine, diffusing properties. The surface appears satinised just as the sand blown glass.

With its sculptural beauty, its shielded light source and comfortable light distribution, Aeros fulfils all requirements of the Louis Poulsen lighting philosophy. Aeros is mainly designed to be suspended relatively low above tables, but may with the same optimum result be mounted higher up. The fixture is ideal for private interiors and professional settings, such as conference rooms, restaurants, bars and receptions.


Aeros is made in deep drawn, anodised aluminium. Suspended in three wires. The fixture measures Ø 723 and is 220 mm high, height incl. wire suspension 724 mm. The fixture is fitted with 35W metal halide lamps, 75W low-voltage halogen or 75W 230V halogen.

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Available to ACT and regional NSW residents only

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