Serengeti Weave - Earth Collection


Here, we seek to hero each weave. Thats why we chose evocative names, derived from nature, to describe the personality of each unique style.

Selected for their textural and tactile qualities, these pieces are hand crafted from natural wool, jute, cotton and hemp.

For our charcoal and ash tones, we use earthy dyes. The colours of our fibres are otherwise as Mother Nature, our favourite supplier, created them.

The signature of each artisans hand is what makes every rug individual.


Made to order or standard sizes as follows: 900 x 1800, 1400 x 1800, 1700 x 2400, 2000 x 3000, 3000 x 4000


Code: AR-E-PW/Q1-NAT/IVY - Serengeti Weave - Hemp - Natural Ivory
Code: AR-E-PW/Q2-CHAR/NAT - Serengeti Weave - Hemp - Charcoal/Natural
Code: AR-E-PW/Q3-CHAR/SHALE - Serengeti Weave - Hemp - Charcoal/Shale

Lead time

2 Weeks - stocked sizes pending stock check Custom sizes - 10 - 12 weeks

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