Embody Work Chair

Herman Miller

Designed by Bill Stumpf

Embody is good for you
You point. You click. You fixate on your computer screen. And you sit without moving for hours. Seduced. Mesmerized. Perfectly still. Your body screams, "Move!"- unless you're seated in Embody, the first chair to promote healthful sitting by encouraging movement.

Embody lets you move more naturally so you can focus on your work and think more clearly. In an age of abundant choices, you have a right to good design. When it comes to sitting, why not choose a chair that's good for your body and your mind?

Movement is key to good health
Almost all office work processes have become computer based, which means you're tied to your computer for longer periods of time, often in strained postures. You become uncomfortable, which can distract your mind and reduce performance.

Movement is key to good health. When you sit in the Embody chair, its instinctive back adjusts to your shifting positions and Pixelated Support helps keep your blood circulating. Its narrow backrest lets you move your arms freely, encouraging air movement into the lungs for more oxygen to feed your body and your brain.

Support through harmony
For superior comfort, Embody's BackfitTM adjustment and seat conform to your unique shape and distribute your weight evenly. Embody has no hard, rigid frames so edges flex and forgive when you make contact.

The tilt-designed especially to support the working recline posture-encourages you to move naturally, keeping your head aligned with your computer display, and your spine in a neutral posture. Embody creates harmony between you and your computer so you can focus on your work.

More ideas for you
What's the value of an idea? In an economy where people get paid for their thoughts, keeping your brain at peak operating performance has never been more important.

Embody is designed to support your body intuitively, allowing you to be undistracted, think more clearly, and be more creative. Through its health-positive benefits, Embody supports your body, which means your mind is free to come up with valuable ideas.

Form = Function
Designed by Jeff Weber and the late Bill Stumpf, Embody's look communicates its performance. Its human-inspired form, which mimics the spine, is driven by its health-positive features. Its textile-more like a skin than a covering-is not intended to cover up, but to enhance. The textile color palette includes beautiful, contemporary colors that pair with two frame colors and three base colors to simplify choice and appeal to global tastes.

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