Mason Table

Walter Knoll

Designed by Wolfgang C. R. Mezger

Neat and small. These tables are genuine highlights and render good service wherever they are. In the living room, the foyer or the office. The extensions to the Mason range are quick to hand and always wherever they are needed. As a coffee table in front of the sofa, as a side table, as a versatile rack for newspapers and magazines. The coloured glass table tops are interesting eye-catchers.


550mm/555mm H x 410mm D x 810mm/930mm/1060mm/1610mm


Table top:
Solid wood.
- Oak white pigmented (.10wo)
- Oak fumed, oiled (.13wo)
- Oak burned, oiled (.14wo)
- Nutwood natural, oiled (.98wo)
Top thickness: 20 mm chamfered to 10 mm.
Table height: 55,5 cm.

- Glass curry (.39)
- Glass nougat (.40)
- Glass black (.35)
Top thickness: 10 mm.
Table height: 55 cm.

Flat steel highly polished chrome-plated or in black chrome (for surcharge).

Fitted with synthetic glides

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