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One of the most sought after illustrator’s in the world, Megan’s specialty in fashion illustration originated with a career in graphic design. Boasting a stable of clients that include Chanel, Tiffany & Co., The Ritz Paris, Bergdorf Goodman, Michelle Obama and many many more, Megan now turns her signature penmanship to creating floor coverings, working exclusively with Designer Rugs to present The Vintage Jewels Collection.

“Creating my first collection with Designer Rugs has been one of the most exciting collaborations that I’ve ever worked on… standing here with the finished rugs under my toes, they are just as I imagined them to be; three Illustrations brought to life by the finest Artisans in the most beautiful Wools, ready to fill a room with all the same inspiration that went into creating them. I really wanted each design to tell its own story and be the anchor to everything that surrounds it. Like the conductor of an orchestra, a rug is often the piece that sets the tone and leads the other elements.”

The Vintage Jewels Collection consists of three designs. All designs can be custom shaped, re-sized and re-coloured. Hand Tufted from Semi-Worsted New Zealand Wool with Bamboo Highlights.

Launched 2014


The Palazzo Jewels:
“Featuring four women secreted in amongst a kaleidoscope of golden jewels, I imagined finding a secret treasure chest full of beautiful vintage pieces that have been hidden for years. I wanted this rug to look and feel like you were stepping onto a sea of pearls and diamonds - but the softness underfoot to challenge that visual. The colour tones are rich gold’s and creams.”
2500mm Ø

The Emperor’s Pearl:
“For The Emperor’s Pearls I envisioned a beautiful woman wearing a decadent vintage headpiece encrusted with jewels and draped in gleaming pearls. The bamboo highlights give the pearls a silky, soft lustre. The colour tones are vintage peach and creams.”
2500mm Ø

The Lost Vault:
“This rug design features a woman wearing an elaborate jewelled dress covered in diamonds and precious stones. I imagined the most detailed and decadent garment that you could create and I used this as the inspiration point for the design. The colour tones are shimmering silvers and white”
2000mm x 3000mm

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Available to ACT and regional NSW residents only

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