#004 Niche


Together or alone, with a colleague, a client or acquaintance, Niche, by Axia Design, offers a perfect environment to hold one’s meetings. The Niche facilitates this possibility in exposed public space.

The idea for this design is inspired by the object of a ‘sheath’ or ‘enveloping structure’ which allows the user to immerse oneself in total concentration within an open public space. The early sketches of Niche outline not only its functionality but also its natural qualities by incorporating a soft and organic approach to its design.

Form follows function as the sober beauty of Niche adapts easily to many different environments. Experience the Niche as you are embraced and the world around you fades away. Opening up the possibility of comfort and security, it allows you the control and the concentration you need in your meetings.


950mm D x 1860mm W x 330mm SH x 1758mm H (with roof) / 1638mm H (without roof)


The Niche is upholstered in one fabric. It is possible to differ the upholstery for the body (sides, back and roof) and the four cushions (back cushions and seats). The Niche is available with or without roof. You can choose from several accessories to make your Niche even more suitable. Available are two LED lights in the roof top and a socket box that can be added to charge your laptop or phone when sitting in a Niche. An upholstered armrest can function as an armrest or a writing tablet when turned upside down.

The feet of the Niche can be finished in two standard colours:
dark grey-anthracite or grey-aluminium colour.

The upholstered armrest can be used as an armrest and a writing tablet when turned upside down. The upper side is upholstered in the same fabric as the sides and back of the Niche. The writing tablet is finished in Ohmann 1012 leather, colour 1181.

PROOFF #004 Niche is upholstered in one fabric and one colour. It is possible to differ the upholstery and/ or colour for the body (sides, back and roof) and the 4 cushions (back cushions and seats).
You can choose from the following standard Kvadrat upholsteries:
Canvas, Cava, Clara, Divina, Divina MD, Divina Melange, Hallingdal, Steelcut, Steelcut Trio, Tonus, Willow, Camira Xtreme.

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