#007 OffSize


Have you observed people standing and talking to each other? As soon as there is somewhere to hang, they hang. Comfortably leaning on the back of a chair, against the wall or any other piece of furniture and ledge within reach. PROOFF #007 OffSize by Léon de Lange invites people to spontaneously display this natural behaviour with three supporting elements.

Exploration permitted
PROOFF #007 OffSize facilitates spontaneous meetings and intimate brainstorms. Away from the desk. It elegantly utilizes corners and defines the space with vibrant colours. The environment fluctuates between stand alone to intimate with each change of configuration. Opt for a cluster of wall elements along a hallway; group all elements in a corner of the room or take advantage of the virtues of each individual piece by placing them independently.

Each OffSize element is lightweight and easily clustered, moved and positioned in a formation of choice. All three OffSize elements come fully upholstered. You are free to choose the grade and colour from our standard wide-range fabric collection.

And OffSize wouldn't be called OffSize if it wasn't just that. The shape is comfortable enough for a little while. And then it compels you to twist, turn and move to another position should you decide to stay longer. Stretch your body. That’s the way we like it!


Available in shapes and sizes.


Available in these standard Kvadrat fabrics:
Canvas, Cava, Clara, Divina, Divina MD, Divina Melange, Hallingdal, Steelcut, Steelcut Trio, Tonus, WIllow.

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