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Fritz Hansen

Lune Sofa

Designed by
Jaime Hayon

Product Category:

Seating - Sofas

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The sculptural and curvy Lune design is characteristic of Jaime Hayon. In his quest to capture the intersection of clean Nordic aesthetics and southern elegance, Hayon has paired a playful design with Fritz Hansen's renowned quality. The functional, modular system offers unlimited possibilities, from a straight two-seater to larger L-shapes, along with chaiselongue options. Hayon's addition of a unique aesthetic dimension to the flexible, modular sofa concept ensures that Lune is not only extremely comfortable but also beautiful from every angle


Configurations available:

  • 2-seater: 155Wx 93.5D x 79H cm
  • 3-seater: 227W x 93.5D x 79H cm
  • 3-seater with chaise lounge: 227.5W x79D x 93.5H cm
  • 5-seater corner sofa: 242.5W x 243D x 79H cm
  • 6-seater corner sofa: 314.5W x 243D x 79Hcm


Lead time
12-16 weeks
Good to know
Lune is carefully constructed to enhance comfort in every inch of the sofa. The exceptionally soft seat is upholstered with a cotton-linen fabric blend, while the cushions are crafted using four layers of materials with a top layer of duck and goose feathers. When seated, one experiences incredible comfort and softness as the cushions mould around the body. The sofa readily returns to its original expression with just a few gentle pats.
Fabric or leather upholstery