Asian Art Galleries @ AGNSW

Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney.

Timber plinths by Art Gallery of New South Wales.
Summary: The installation of 3 large, 14m long, showcases into the new extension of the Art Gallery of New South Wales, required Designcraft to incorporate structural elements that were fixed to the building fabric during construction of the main gallery spaces. The substantial Netherfield showcases were then fully assembled on site, during the final stages of the buildings construction. This project is also a good example of an institution investing in high quality products for their temporary exhibition areas. The specifications for the showcases and plinths came from the gallery itself, and the designers were able to translate them into a product specific to the gallery's needs. In both instances the showcases contain precious and valuable items that required a high level of security and good access for curatorial staff.

Art Gallery of New South Wales, Asian Galleries. Architects: Johnson Pilton Walker, architects of the new Art Gallery of New South Wales Asian Galleries and associated works. Showcase and Plinth design: Freeman Ryan Design. Photography: Brendon McGeachie for Designcraft. Images are not to be reproduced without prior consent. Some images show timber veneer plinths by Art Gallery of New South Wales.