Conflicts 1945 to Today

Australian War Memorial

Australian War Memorial, photo by David Somlyay
The Post 45 Galleries at the War Memorial continue Designcraft’s close involvement with the development of ‘one of the world’s great museums’. Further examples can be seen from the Orientation and Circulation Galleries in 1998, through Bradbury Aircraft Hall in 2001, and Anzac Hall (parts I and II) in 2004 and 2006, with many individual displays and travelling exhibitions along the way. This display stretches in time from the Cold War and the formation of the United Nations after WWII to Australia’s most recent military and peacekeeping operations within a total area of only approximately 1500 square metres, which helps explain the density and detail of the works.

This project was designed by Cunningham Martyn Design in Melbourne, with whom we developed a very close relationship in order to handle what became our most challenging job at this site. Everything beneath the black ceiling that you see in these spaces was made and painted in our Hume workshop, unless it is an actual ‘museum object’, the set dressing that gives the element of reality, the graphics themselves or a piece of AV equipment. A great variety of painted, anodised, specially treated and other finishes are displayed, a particularly interesting example being the conical, rusted structure that houses the Kapyong diorama and the ‘Trench Experience’ in the Korean section.

Designcraft also fabricated and installed all of the showcases for the project, from the smallest custom medal showcases to the largest proprietary museum (NVL) system, numbering some 75 cases in total.

‘Conflicts 1945 to Today’, Australian War Memorial, Canberra. Principal exhibition design: Cunningham Martyn Design. Photography: David Somlyay for Designcraft. Images reproduced courtesy of Australian War Memorial. Images are not to be reproduced without prior consent.