The Makers Workshop - Burnie, Tasmania

The Makers Workshop - Burnie, Clocktower case
The Makers Workshop Burnie, situated on the northern coastline of Tasmania, is a new museum, information centre, gallery and workshop complex.

The Makers Workshop is a major focal point for the town and the region, a place for the craftspeople and entrepreneurs of Burnie’s past and future to exhibit and practice their skills, and is the starting point for tourists entering the world heritage listed northern and western Tasmanian wilderness.

This complex project resulted in the installation of 6 custom-made large scale, large volume showcases with minimal framing, exposed machining and showcase access details, resulting in a very honest showcase product very much in keeping with the museum aesthetic and the ethos of the display. The physical size of the cases means they sit well with the scale of the building, and the exposed detailing talks of craftsmanship and of the showcase Makers, making the showcases and joinery part of the exhibition, not just exhibition furniture. The project required exceptionally high levels of detailing and finish, whilst retaining the equally high levels of access and versatility of showcase products and volumes.

The makers Workshop Burnie. Principal exhibition design: David Lancashire Design, Melbourne. Photography: Designcraft. Images not to be reproduced without prior consent.