Louis Poulsen

PH 5 and PH 50 Pendant

Designed by
Poul Henningsen

Product Category:

Lighting - Ceiling / Pendants

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The high output has been obtained by replacing the metal plate at the bottom of the PH 5 by a translucent, frosted glass plate. The colour of the shade has been changed to a more intense white. PH 5 Plus is supplied with an E 27 socket and can therefore be fitted with a compact flourescent lamp with an output ratio of 41%, or an incandescent lamp with an output ratio of 36%.

The original PH 5 with an incandescent lamp has a 19% output ratio. PH 5 is available in white or charcoal. PH 5 Plus is the classic luminaire but in a new and energy-saving version. The light output has been doubled with a few minor changes of the well known PH 5. PH 5 Plus is perfect for conference rooms, offices, restaurants and similar places which require high light output and low wattage.

PH 5, which was introduced in 1958, was the first of Poul Henningsen's fixtures designed for light sources other than the clear incandescent lamp. PH 5 is therefore also available for the new small compact flourescent lamps, which give a reasonable light output. PH 50 is the 50th anniversary edition of Poul Henningsen's PH 5. It comes in 5 colours: chili Red, coconut white, mint blue, olive black or wasabi green, the legs are painted in aluminium colour.


500mm diameter x 285mmH