Herman Miller

Exclave Collaborative Furniture

Designed by
Gianfranco Zaccai
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People have always gathered to solve complex problems and generate big ideas. Yet today the stakes are higher, as more organizations rely on innovative thinking for success. Exclave addresses this need by equipping people to be more effective. It’s a thoughtfully cohesive suite of products—from boards that stack, to carts that move them, to tables and rail-hung tools that get everyone involved. Together, these products let people and teams collaborate to develop and share their work more fluidly and spontaneously across the office landscape.

Exclave uses human-centered design to empower highperformance teams by integrating surroundings, furnishings, and tools in collaborative ecosystems that address sightlines, posture, and circulation. For example, in the Workshop setting to the left, a collaborative standing-height table paired with stools supports standing and seated team members at eyelevel with each other and their remote colleagues. The table is shaped to ensure clear lines of sight to analog and digital displays around the perimeter and located so people have plenty of room to move around and use them.

With Exclave, creative thinking that begins in one space can be refined or expanded in another. Whiteboards, tackboards, and lightweight eco boards travel with teams and individuals throughout the day to help preserve and disseminate good ideas. Mobile carts support the movement of boards, and provide freestanding display and space delineation in open areas. Rails installed in a variety of locations offer flexible, adaptable support for the full suite of Exclave products.

Items /Accessories include: Tear drop table, Guitar pick table, small/large mobile cart, wall rails, small/large tack board, small/large whiteboard, small/large eco board, Stowage, Media tile one/two screen, board clips, board clips/markers/hooks.


Various sizes and heights.

Refer to brochure for options and accessories. 

Lead time
12-18 Weeks
Powdered- Lacquered Steel