Erik Jorgensen

EJ 450 Delphi

Designed by
Hannes Wettstein
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The sofa primarily appeals to the home market because of the two depths in the seat and loose cushions. The asymmetry between the different seating depths is repeated in the back and arm rests.

The series consists of several accessories e.g. a tray that fits the arm rests, a blanket, footstools in different sizes and a pet place for the four-legged members of the family! It is possible to use the chaise-lounge length in two ways - as a chaise-lounge or by turning the module and using it as a long seating cushion in a traditional sofa format. Designed by Hannes Wettstein. The sofa suits modern family lifestyle, with many seats and resting positions - all in the same sofa. Delphi has 11 different modules offering many possibilities for unique sofa solutions.


Various sizes and configurations available.

Lead time
12-16 weeks
Indoor Upholstery