Fritz Hansen

Nap Stool

Designed by
Kasper Salto
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The NAP counter or bar stool is a reflection of Kasper Salto's approach to design. "For me design is about relevance. To always create a product that has relevance towards its user's." Say's the design star. "For me the NAP chair is all about being able to sit well in as many positions as possible.

The name NAP is an abbreviation of the three key sitting positions; Normal, Active and Passive – because sitting is in fact a constant movement." Salto continues. Available with or without arms.


KS58 - 560W / 520D / 640SH / 970H KS59 - 560W / 540D / 760SH / 1090H KS68 - 620W / 520D / 640SH / 860H KS69 - 620W / 540D / 760SH / 1090H

Lead time
16+ weeks