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Hay Studios
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The light soap treated oak provides Woody with a traditional Scandinavian expression, which is updated by the contrasting steel shelves. The shelves lie freely on the wooden frame and each of the two colour combinations underscore the simple proportions of the shelving system. Woody is a modern interpretation of traditional ladder inspired shelving systems.

With no apparent front and back it works well as a free standing piece of furniture as well as against a wall. Woody is created in the spirit of modernism. Nothing in the construction is hidden, all joints are visible and all parts are industrially manufactured. Simplifying and updating more traditional shelving systems has been a key element in the development of Woody which simply consists of oak sticks, bent steel and screws.

At the same time great effort has been put into perfecting the joints in terms of form and strength. Solid oak is an incredibly strong material and it ages beautifully, so in spite of the lightness in its appearance, the structure is surprisingly strong and stable compared to other shelving systems of this type.


High incl. 18 shelves: 2065mm W x 445mm D x 1965mm H Low incl. 9 shelves: 2065mm W x 445mm D x 855mm H Low incl. 9 shelves: 2065mm W x 445mm D x 855mm H Low incl. 9 shelves: 2065mm W x 445mm D x 855mm H

Lead time
6-12 Weeks