Click Netherfield - Fresco

A secure front-hinged door and slimline showcase.
Melbourne Gallery, Melbourne Museum
These secure hinged case fronts are widely specified for fitting to a steel or ZF MDF carcass. They provide a high security case with 100% hinged door access. Hinged top and bottom the dual action hinge is fully concealed. The door opens within its own width allowing these cases to be inset or flush mounted into a wall or recess. A case set through a wall can have a Fresco front on either side.

Fresco is supplied either as a case front only, or with a carcass. The carcass can be fitted with a wide range of lighting and shelving options. Carcass dress panels can be exchanged for glass to achieve various lighting options internally; choice of fibre optic/LED. The Fresco front can be fitted to any depth of carcass. Shallow cases can be created using only the Fresco front with an integral back. These are ideal for the display of thin items such as coins and medals, documents, insects etc. and can be either wall, angled or flat mounted.

Multiple Fresco case fronts are a very cost effective means of creating very large cases with an uninterrupted internal space. The Fresco system offers many versatile and creative design solutions. The Fresco case sashes have invisible mitred and welded corner joints and are supplied with a powder coated finish to any Dulux powder coat colour specification; others available on application.

High security, fully concealed Abloy locks are fitted as standard. Museum quality laminated security or anti-bandit specification glass is standard and this provides important protection from external UV radiation. The option of low iron glass ensures that delicately coloured items such as illuminated manuscripts, textiles and art are seen in their true colours.