Click Netherfield - Vista

All glass case with clear top.
Vista 4 - Melbourne Galleries, Melbourne Museum
The minimilist Vista style case, features optimum visibility with security protection. The clear glass top enables objects to be lit from external sources or by internal fibre optic LED lights. Vista cases can be single or multi-bay, freestanding or on a plinth, platform or steel structure, and wall mounted.

Access is by a pull and slide hardened steel door mechanism for smooth effortless operation having 60% opening to left and right. For the installation of very large objects the door can be fully
removed. Vista 4 cases have hinged doors.

Vista 1cases are single or double bay with glass top and a 19mm U channel to locate the top door.
Vista 2cases are multi-bay with an all glass top and a double 19mm U channel to locate the top door.
Vista 3cases are single or double bay with clear glass top with a 30mm faceted top section all round to take rod suspension shelving.
Vista 4cases are single or multi-bay with clear glass top with a 75mm section all round to take rod suspension shelving. They have a fully concealed dual action hinged door system allowing all panels in a case run to be specified as opening doors.

Where cases may need to be relocated, where access is an issue into a space, or cases are for temporary or touring exhibitions, Vista 3 & 4 cases are available in demountable form from the TESS range. Vista 3 & 4 Cases offer a choice of ajustable shelving systems. The frameworks are supplied with a powder coated finish to any Dulux powder coat colour specification; others available on application.

High Security Abloy™ locks are fitted as standard in addition to a mechanical lock. Museum quality laminated security or anti-bandit specification glass is standard and this provides important protection from external UV radiation.

The option of low iron glass ensures that delicately coloured items such as illuminated manuscripts, textiles and art are seen in their true colours.
All materials used within the display chamber are either inert or conform to international museum conservation standards. Various forms of Artsorb™ such as sheet or beads can be concealed within the case to provide control of the relative humidity. Likewise various other materials such as activated charcoal can be incorporated to cope with any emissions from the objects themselves.