Hanwell Data Acquisition equipment.
Hanwell are industry leaders in the supply of radio-telemetry based, environmental monitoring and control equipment. Hanwell provide off the shelf monitoring equipment for galleries, archives, museums, libraries and storage facilities. Hanwell have integrated 10 years of expertise in the design of stand alone data-loggers, radio telemetry, and wired bus systems, enabling users to seamlessly combine standalone data-loggers, radio telemetry and bus-based instrumentation.

A major disadvantage with other loggers is the necessity to return the whole unit to the manufacturer for checking and calibration. This costly and time wasting procedure has been eliminated. The rh-t bug has been designed so that the user can check on its performance on a regular basis and calibrate up to and including national standards. Temperature and humidity can be calibrated at up to three points through the software. A humidity reference can be provided by the external connection of industry standard salts, which are simply pushed onto the top of the rh-t bug.

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