Panelock - System 400

Demountable walls
Panelock - System 400
Panelock manufacture demountable museum display wall systems for those occasions when you require additional hanging space or wish to reconfigure your permanent or temporary gallery space. Panelock replaces the need for custom built walls and partitioning systems.

System 400 – has wall panels guided by a ceiling grid along which panels can be moved to the desired location or out of sight if not required. The system comprises any number of panels, which can be located anywhere along the grid and locked securely into place. Panels can be used individually or combined to form longer wall sections. The ceiling grid can also be used for hanging light fittings and audio equipment. Panels not required for use can be slid out of sight into a purpose built storage cavity or behind a wall of panels. Modules are available in a range of standard sizes or custom built to your requirements.

Lead time

12 weeks

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