Timber demountable walls

Demountable Timber wall system by Designcraft.
Bradbury Aircraft Hall, Australian War Memorial. Large painted, curved wall section with integrated AV equipment.
Designcraft can manufacture demountable timber wall structures and sections to order, where a more temporary solution is needed, to compliment the Panelock system which is a more versatile, long-term investment.

These take the form of MDF carcases, or steel framework depending upon the size and complexity of the wall section, which are then clad with eith fixed or removable MDF or ply dress panels. These panels can be painted, plastered or upholstered depending upon your requirements. Dress panels can be replaced if holes are cut into them at very little additional cost when changing from one exhibition to the next.

This is a very cost effective, versatile option. Any configuration can be constructed to suite your space or requirements. Although many of the institutions that we supply this product to use the walls time and time again, we also fabricate this type of structure for more temporary exhibitions and displays, where the life-span of the wall may only be a few months. A similar product in principal is used for more permanent spaces and exhibitions where a wall section may be erected for several years.

Please contact us to discuss your project and how this bespoke product may help in meeting your requirements.