About A Chair AAC24 / AAC25

Designed by
Hee Welling

Product Category:

Seating - Meeting/Training Room

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About a Chair as an office chair has a rounded shell that adds executive weight and brings a warm and welcoming feel to an otherwise rather cool and technical genre - perhaps because the castors lend the industrial steel frame a narrative character? About a Chair is perfect for official settings and an obvious choice for both large-scale corporate contexts and work-at-home offices - or maybe as a dining chair?

Like the other versions, this version too is available with three upholstery options: full upholstery of the whole shell, upholstery on the front of the rounded shell or a seat cushion. All three versions allow you to vary the expression with relatively simple variations in upholstery, which of course owes a great deal to fabric textures and colours


AAC24: 590mm W x 520mm D x 790mm H - Seat Height 460mm AAC25 - Front or full Upholstery: 590mm W x 520mm D x 790mm H - Seat Height 460mm

Good to know
AAC24 Shell: Solid-coloured polypropylene in White, Black, Cream White, Pastel Green, Khaki, Soft Black, Brick, Green, Concrete Grey, Dusty Blue, Orange, Hunter, Dusty Green, Warm Red. Swivel base: Black, White, Polished. Swivel base: Cast aluminium, Polished or powder coated white or black, With soft wheels for all floors. AAC25 - Front or full UPHOLSTERY Shell: Polypropylene with oeko-tex foam and upholstery. Swivel base: Cast aluminium. Polished or powder coated white or black. Front or full upholstered
Fabric or leather upholstery